Stylish Mehndi are quite simple ones. Arabic designs mostly consist of leaves, veins, flowers etc. this option suits the best if you want to extend the design from hand to arm or from foot to leg.

There are several types of mehndi/ henna, categorized on the basis of the area they are originated or the patterns they make. One of the famous patterns is ‘Arabic Mehndi patterns’ that are extensively used all over the world and acquiring popularity among girls. This category of mehndi designed was deemed around the world just before a couple of years, by Arabic nation but no wonder they catch the attention of Asian women too.

Now a day’s most girls go for Arabic mehndi because of the unique and traditional look that attracts everybody and makes your delicate hands even more pretty. In Asian countries, on any event like Eid, Holi, Rangoli, Diwali, weddings, Parties, Functions etc. women is imperfect without mehndi as it’s an amazing way to enhance a beauty of hands and feet. Today, we are going to show you quite easy designs that do not require any effort to get made, you can easily try them by yourself at home without having any need of going to mehndi artist.
Mehndi is a glamorous appeal for women and is considered as the essential aspect to boost up women’s beauty.

Internet is full of the huge range of mehndi designs and unique patterns, making it adaptable while staying at home.

Traditional henna designs and patterns are getting out of sight and trend with every passing day. Instead, henna tattoos are the new approach towards outgrowing elegant designing. These are simpler to apply and get yet looks amazingly alluring with any of the outfits whether eastern or western wardrobe it goes with them all. In fact, henna tattoos are the perfect alternative for the women living in the west; they can have the spice of eastern intricate henna patterns packed into charming motifs.

So if you were wondering about the recent henna’s tattoo trends, they all are here just one scroll away.Let’s just dive in to find out more about them and try them on any upcoming event or celebrations.

This design may look intricate but it uses very simple simple mehndi designs to create a beautiful pattern all over the back of the hand.

A very simple design that uses circular floral design patterns to make for a graceful and elegant look. Just the perfect amount of design needed to make a statement.

A very simple yet stylish design that is perfect for every occasion and for days when there’s no specific occasion too. It goes well with western attire too. Simply unique!